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jacques & fran soddell

we produce music from L-systems models of fungal growth

some sounds

full notes for these are  on our revived autonomousAudio site

(from  Artspace Sydney, 2000)

twin bush.





THREE minus H: Iteration #5 : L-systems based video & sound installation, group show - sculpture in the park, white hills botanical gardens, bendigo nov 11, 2007

fungus! : video/sound/3D installation at allan's walk artist run space, bendigo, march 2007

plant:fungus - sonic iteration : group show art house,  rosalind park conservatory, bendigo, march 2005

music of the mycelium  jacques and fran soddell. generating music from l-systems models of fungal growth. music and data cdr released april 2002

music from microbes : installation at castlemaine fringe festival march 23- april 1, 2001

autonomousAudio : group show  artspace gallery, sydney. october 2000


the media

microbes and music - abc science website couple make music with fungus (10 nov, 2000)

microbes and music - mary keilly, abc local radio interview (nov 2000)

microbes and music - bendigo advertiser (oct 2000)

music, L-systems and microbes

what are L-systems?

how we converted L-systems to music

music of the bushes

modelling microbial growth

music of the mycelium of mucor.


Soddell FB. & Soddell JA. (2000). Microbes and Music. The Sixth Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI200). Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series. Springer-Verlag. find it here.  

Using Lindenmayer Systems to Investigate How Filamentous Fungi May Produce Round Colonies by Fran Soddell, Robert Seviour & Jacques Soddell. In Complexity International 2 find it here.