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soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacques-soddell

bandcamp: jacquessoddell.bandcamp.com

vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/user7223160

I am an australian sound artist (french-born, polish parents), based in regional city of bendigo, producing computer-based electroacoustic music, with a particular interest in deconstructing natural sounds (field recordings) to create new sounds & textures. I produce sound & video for theatre, dance, live performance and installation. Although experimenting with sounds since the early 80s, I have pursued sound art more seriously since 1998, with my first live performances in 2000. I also create experimental video. With my wife, fran, I investigated music based on lindenmayer system models of fungal growth and also set up sound art label cajid media.

I am also passionate about promoting experimental art, hence my past involvement with the film society movement (bendigo film group (1976-1988)), co-editing arts on fire, a monthly mag for the old fire station arts coop  (1986-88). promotion of experimental music in the local community through the experimental music radio program  possible musics (1983-2013) and the undue noise concert series (2002 - present), serving on the committee of allan’s walk artist run space (2010-11), involvement in live arts group punctum (2004-present) and curating sound-based exhibitions and concerts in central victoria.  

 I was a microbiologist in a former life, specialising in the microbiology of wastewater treatment, but left this field in 2004 to concentrate on sound art.

From a review on a recent release: “A remarkable aspect to ‘Frozen moment’ is how every sound seems to occur in a complete different space: every layer of sound is isolated from the next one creating an impressive sense of  ’parallel simultaneity’ on every given moment. ….. ‘Frozen moment’ is a compelling release.” - John McEnroe in The Field Reporter 137