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New Histories. 10 artists respond to artworks from Bendigo Art Gallery collection. Includes my sonic response to Thomas Wrights Sandhurst in 1862, depicting Bendigo soon after the start of the goldrush.  Bendigo Art Gallery April 13-July 29. Art Gallery page forNew Histories

Creative Conversations Showcase Installation (Silence, Violence) and performance. April 13, Bendigo Pottery.

Punctum’s Public Cooling House. Soundscape. Castlemaine Botanical Gardens. March 2-4, 10-12, http://www.punctum.com.au/works/PPCH

Parallax, beats & sounds for Megan Beckwith's choreography/3D animation Kingston Arts Centre (Feb 9)); Barranga Community Centre (tFeb 24), Gasworks Theatre (March 1-3). http://gasworks.org.au/parallax


Abstract Heterotopias screening at melbourne planetarium includes my short Scatterfilm. nov 29

Cooling Pools soundscape for punctum’s contribution to Refuge at arts house north melbourne nov 11

Moonlight Mound experimental sound and light response to MOUND Forest Keegel's residency in the conservatory, rosalind park, bendigo. jacques soddell, glendon blazely, noodle (clive bourne & damian mason) & jim coad. nov 4

The Dead Twin: sound design for play by chi vu. george town festival, penang, malaysia. directed by deborah leiser-moore, with deborah leiser-moore, alex pinder, harry tseng, john mac desengano and davina wright, sept 2-3

Sonic Disturbance curated 2 day event to celebrate 15 years of undue noise featuring 20 acts with links to central victoria. june 24-25 old fire station, bendigo.  also performed solo and duet with justin bull (as Brakhage) http://unduenoise.org/

Salon Pretentious solo performance. april 29 reveries gallery maiden gully video

Medea development of sound materials for future tashmadada production. with deborah leisser-moore. april

Big Walk to Golden Mountain contributed sound and video. presented by Punctum Inc, AsiaTOPA, Ballarat Art Gallery and Castlemaine State Festival. mar 4 (ballarat white night) mar 18-24 (castlemaine) info

Alternative Destinations group show Newstead Railway Arts Hub (Castlemaine State festival). mar 17-26 Artists include Warwick Baker, Jessie Boylan, Gabrielle Brauer, Domenico de Clario, Tara Gilbee, Zoe Hambleton, Penelope Hunt, Lyndal Jones, Fiona Kennaugh, Tobias Richardson,  Jacques Soddell, Robyn Walton, Hayley West.

Tilde New Music Festival solo performance jan 21 testing grounds melbourne


Sounds Like Hear Performances by Jacques Soddell, David Thrussell & Rex Hardjadibrata.  Main FM/Punctum ICU Castlemaine

Carnival Electro Live #1 Phobia Old Fire Station Bendigo Sept 30 Punctum

Mermaid Terrorist creative development for new play by chi vu, directed by deborah leisser-moore. may 30-june 2 footscray community arts centre.

Salon Pretentious solo performance. april 16 reveries gallery maiden gully

Complete Smut Auction minor sound piece for punctum’s production for festival of live arts. march 12 arts house, north melbourne   

Non Trio (muttboy / jude russell / jacques soddelll) undue noise Jan 25 old fire station bendigo & april 2 ICU castlemane


Visual Music, Abstract Animation & Sonic Sustenance: video improv to sounds by scott sanders (synth). dec 6 presented by undue noise.

Simon Charles: Just Sine Tones. solo and duo improv with simon charles. old fire station bendigo. november 14.  punctum seedpod

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Tween 801 surround remix in Sound Gallery, curated by Mauricio Carrasco. Sept 5-6

#wanderingcloud with klare lanson & clocked out duo. Queensland Poetry Festival. Judith Wright Centre, August 30

The Dead Twin: sound design for play by chi vu. footscray community arts centre. directed by deborah leiser-moore, with deborah leiser-moore, alex pinder, harry tseng, daniel han and davina wright, design by naomi ota.  Aug 13-22

Sounds in the Conservatory: 2 live improvs with viv corringham, rosalind park, bendigo, 9 april

#wanderingcloud, live video for klare lanson’s production with clocked out duo, andree cozens, neil boyack, kathrin ward, zoe volpato, damon girbon, Castlemaine State festival 19-21 march.

nightmare : sounds  for Such as They Are production, Castlemaine State Festival, 14, 15, 21, 22 march

Castlemaine fringe festival, performances at bridge hotel, 15 & 16march  

big bang soundscape for opening of Castlemaine State Festival, produced by Punctum, 13 march

tilde new music festival, solo set + improv with Carmen Gar Man Chan's Do You See What I hear? at Testing Grounds, Southbank in Melbourne 24 jan.



undue noise/animation festival : live video improv to yellowstone composition. review by klare lanson

dead twin : creative development with writer chi vu & deborah leiser-moore, matt crosby, kate hunter, daniel last, pier carthew, davina wright, jacques soddell, naomi ota, gina gascoigne. footscray community arts centre : 3-22 nov (showings nov 21-22).

60x60 melbourne : july 11 ACMA melbourne conference

concrète : 27 min radio commission for Radia.FM series broadcast on 24 international radio stations march 24-31 more info  

gig : live improv with viv corringham : undue noise feb 1 old fire station bendigo download

gig tilde new music mini festival, testing grounds, melbourne, jan 26


melbourne now : electroacoustic music composition in Now Hear This  component of Melbourne Now. NGV australia nov 2013-march 2014.

banh chung : sound design for theatrical installation by chi vu. big west festival melbourne. nov 23-25 with naomi ota (visual artist) and amanda ma & rani pramesti (performers). Info & video clip

parallax : music for 3D projection & choreography by megan beckwith. newport substation. Sept 26-29 video excerpt

the body politic : group show with robyn burgess, anton hassell, denis chapman, michael needham, stephen turpie, noah grosz, matthew butterworth, noel hourigan, dee gill, curated by stephen turpie, phyllis palmer gallery, bendigo sept 4-25

#wanderingcloud :   live video improv for klare lanson's tribute to local flood victims, with clocked out duo. theatre royal castlemaine Sept 5 realtime review

the clubrooms :   sound collage for production by jude anderson. castlemaine state festival, march

transplant :  sound design for a "theatrical side-show", produced by such as they are (mark penzak & eliza-jane gilchrist). castlemaine state festival, march, originally developed as punctum seedpod in 2012. review

the elaboratory & the elixir of life: an apothecary's wonderment : Installation with tara gilbee, jacques soddell & kent wilson at tute's cottage. part of periscope art bienale component of castlemaine state festival, march. video

summer in the park : curated and performed (sound & video) at concert in rosalind park conservatory, with candlesnuffer, rod cooper, cray, paul fletcher, muttboy, jacques soddell, bendigo. Jan 19

undue noise : curated and performed. listen to a performance.


dark matter_dark energy : a group show with michael needham, nicholas ives, sally blenheim, tristan jalleh, jacques soddell, adam john cullen and curated by kent wilson, stockroom gallery, kyneton, 14 july - 5 august.  curator’s essay

dark matters :  sound design for katie sfetkidis exploration of darkness. newport substation, melbourne 14-24 june. also brisbane festival as part of the under the radar program.

active crossover :  simon whetham's collaborative installation & performance with tarab, lizzie pogson & jacques soddell. ICU castlemaine. 26-27 may

sonic decadence : curated & performed 2 day festival celebrating 10 years of undue noise. old fire station, bendigo april 28-29 article in realtime

[faces].1 : a major remix of my earlier face of stone, was screened at seensurround: visual/music series 7 march, loop bar.

summer in the park : curated and performed (sound & video) at concert in rosalind park conservatory, bendigo. Feb 10

undue noise : curated and performed


3D - a dance assault in three dimensions : choreography & animation by megan beckwith, sound by jacques soddell. melbourne fringe festival 30 sept-2 oct @ no vacancies project space.


frozen moment : wading through cedric peyronnet's massive collection of sound bites from his taurion sound map, I paused at the sounds from pont du dognon. recalling the magical frozen pond near the end of tarkovsky's solaris, I was drawn to the icy sounds. so this is the piece, using samples from around pont du dognon, and manipulating / processing them heavily in my usual fashion. mini cdr kaon.org review here. sound excerpt now online.

precipice : sound design for play by cath ryan. directed by laurence stangio. castlemaine state festival april 2-4

pandemonium pavilions : pandemonium soundscape for theatrical installation, directed by jude Anderson. castlemaine state festival. april 2-3

undue noise : curated and performed.


immersion studio : collaborative punctum seedpod residency at old fire station bendigo with tessa elieff  resulting in 10 channel immersive sound performance.  sept/nov

who's afraid of the dark?  :  sound design for a sensory exploration of the dark by lighting designer katie sfetkidis. sept 3-4, icu, castlemaine

metasonic 2 :  curator, sound installations jun 23 - jul 23 allans walk artist run space, bendigo

face of stone : short film at Paul Fletcher’s sonic island melbourne international animation festival. VCAM cinema southbank. June 24 see it on vimeo

enlightenment project : soundtrack for outdoor video projection by jim coad & tara gilbee. kyneton museum Apr 30

live gigs with cedric peyronnet (toy.bizarre) feb 27 (abbotsford convent) feb 28 (ICU). [Data #12] cdr released on kaon from material from these gigs. review of [data #12]

i'm dreaming of a french meadow : sound & video for installation by jude anderson (with tara gilbee, cedric peyronnet). abbottsford convent feb 2010

bahn chung : sound design for theatre installation by chi vu. richmond library theatre feb 2010

yarra :  sound piece for installation by ernesto rios. off the kerb gallery, collingwood

(d)raft :  short silent video in RAFT curated by stephen turpie. allans walk artist run space. Jan

undue noise : curated and performed.


akousmatikoi. cable sound collective 's 22 speaker acousmonium - diffusion collaboration with tessa elief. northcote town hall. nov 25

the play's the thing. soundscape for Kate Stone's playful interactive installation. ICU Castlemaine, nov 6-21

cine-sonic. expanded cinema performance with dirk de bruyn. icu castlemaine. sept 6

the river - sound, light & video installation at la trobe university visual arts centre, view st bendigo july 23 - aug 16 video component

flashpoint score for choreography by Megan Beckwith, BSSC entry in Rock Eisteddfod.

metasonic  curator, sound installations july 8-25. dudley house, bendigo

dinner in a dry dam sound & video design for punctum production by jude anderson. various locations in victoria including castlemaine state festival

telescope soundtrack for Dirk de Bruyn film

undue noise : curated and performed.


memory fragment #1 : sound and video installation. allan's walk artist run space, bendigo, nov 20-dec 13 exhibition essay

tape projects 06 : contribution to 12" locked groove album as part of the “lock groove flipbook project” at electrofringe newcastle, mentioned in realtime

liquid architecture : national sound art festival. performer in sydney, melbourne, cairns & perth. reviews in realtime magazine Sydney and Melbourne. sydney review, melbourne review, Also curator for bendigo & castlemaine. July. listen to sydney  performance

the big smoke : group show with tara gilbee, andrew goodman, greg pritchard, kathryn mccool, noah grosz . curated by julian white. blindside.july. review & curator’s notes

museum of lost sounds : Jacques Soddell & Paul Fletcher. multimedia installation at Allans's Walk artist run space. june. exhibition catalog

other live gigs : grey daturas, sore, jacques soddell & beat disease. newmarket hotel. Bendigo, january 26; footscray audioVisual social club,may 13 with paul fletcher. simon howard; PLUS appearances @ undue noise

undue noise : curated and performed.


MIMO : choreography megan beckwith & seung hi lee, soundscape jacques soddell. BUG choreography megan beckwith, sonic design jacques soddell. old fire station bendigo december 21-22.

THREE minus H: Iteration #5 : L-ystems based video & sound installation with fran soddell, part of sculpture in the park, white hills botanical gardens bendigo nov 11

andante : georgina duckett (visual artist) and jacques soddell (sound artist) reconfigure two ruined pianos. 12-30 june allans walk artist run space.

bendigo framed : live interactive video performance plus screenings of eruntics and shhh! at this local film festival organised by bendigo film society. latrobe visual arts centre. bendigo. may 26 & 27

soundsites : multi media project for High School students constructed by: jude anderson & jacques soddell in conjunction with ballarat art gallery and the ballarat learning exchange. may 8 & 11.

3X3 = 6 degrees of separation : curated by tara gilbee. works by central victorian artists, DVAA, frog hollow centre for the arts, darwin. 2-19 may. with andrew goodman, catherine ryan, punctum, jacques soddell, simon howard & tara gilbee. My contribution was a video & sound piece called spaces.

allan's walk talks : heide MOMA, melbourne. 15 april. artists from allan's walk, a bendigo artist-run initiative, discuss their various art disciplines and the challenges of sustaining an art practice within a regional context. my talk was titled Regional Soundings.

shrine On! you crazy diamond : group show curated by Poloni & Borrelle. platform gallery. flinders st station, melbourne april 2- may 4. An exhibition of investigations into the modern shrine, articulated loosely around the idea of unusual wealth in unusual places. With anna-maria o'keeffe, kit wise, amanda schembri, louise harper, matthew shannon, louise hubbard, warren fithie, jacques soddell, ruth johnstone, spiros panigirakis, rachel hooper, din heagney, anita king, luke sinclair & andrew seward. My contribution was a 2 screen video installation with sound called undercurrents

fungus! : multimedia installation with fran soddell based on fungal growth, with references to nuclear issues, stanisław lem, john cage and nuclear mushrooms. allans walk artist run space, bendigo, march. Included eruntics

 shack : interactive video/sound installation for punctum production. bendigo feb 23-24, trentham mar 3, eaglehawk mar 17, sutton grange mar 24, elmore mar 31, castlemaine state festival april 7

insect  : music for megan beckwith’s dance/animation installation allans walk artist run space, bendigo, feb 23

undue noise  : curator experimental music & video concert series. performed solo. bendigo (20/5, 17/8, 6/10) & castlemaine (9/6 and 17/11) and make it up club at bar open, brunswick st fitzroy (4/12)



shhh!... : 3 screen installation by jacques soddell and maree mclachlan. part of s.edition at allan’s walk. s.edition : curator 3 weeks of changing installations at allan’s walk

shed film : animation by paul fletcher, sound by jacques soddell. originally made for the shed. selected for st kilda film festival may 2006. "The short movie (by paul fletcher) takes elements of the Australian landscape (a shed, a fence, a tractor, a sunset) and abstracts them into a shifting collage of light and colour underscored by a soundscape that I can only describe as like the recording of electrical and chemical reactions in the brain." paul monaghan - realtime

bodywealth : dance/video work by megan beckwith, music by jacques soddell, produced by punctum inc, outdoor stage, civic park, bendigo march 24

empirical soundings : surround sound installation by 10 commonwealth sound artists. march 24-26,. bendigo town hall. curated by jacques soddell (commonwealth games cultural festival) more info

wavelength : experimental film and sound by jacques soddell. screened at e-scape (march 21-22, campbell theatrette, bendigo)(commonwealth games cultural festival). slowly evolving processed images and sound.

tent city : 5 week fourcast residency at eaglehawk dahlia and arts festival (feb 14-mar 19). produced video and sound installations.

bone idol : choreography/animation by megan beckwith, music by jacques soddell, february, allan's walk artist run space, bendigo.

undue noise : curator experimental music concert series. also performed solo, and in brakhage

e-scape : curator (with paul fletcher) sound and films march 21-22 (commonwealth games cultural festival, bendigo)


414 : 4 channel sound work by jacques & fran soddell presented at third iteration conference on generative art. monash uni. dec 2

cajid tour  : performed with thembi soddell, lawrence english, bruce mowson and camilla hannan, bus gallery, melbourne, august 19

the piano room : video and sound installation at allan's walk artist run space, may 11-14, as part of remembrance of things past. reviewed in realtime

remembrance of things past : curated 4 weeks of installations by local sound/video artists. allan's walk artist run space, may-june. reviewed in realtime

shed : sound/installation for punctum production, directed by jude anderson, castlemaine state festival, may 9,. also in october 2005: national gallery of victoria (1 week) and single performances in dunolly, trentham, sutton grange, elmore and shepparton. reviewed in realtime

this fountain operates without water : fourcast residency at tute's cottage during castlemaine state festival. april 1-10, 2005

art house : installation of fungal and plant music (with fran soddell) at bendigo conservatory (with sculptors yvonne george, marianne midelburg and trefor prest) 24-31 march,. paper presented on this installation at australasian computer music association conference in brisbane in june.

singing bridges - vibrations : variations : jodi rose's double cd of her bridge sounds from around the world and other peoples remixes, contains "accosted people walking" a remix track by jacques soddell. "The second disc of remixes of these sounds features some incredible, though initially almost inaudible work from Francisco Lopez, and jangly dramatic drone work from Jacques Soddell amongst some other more traditionally structured electro responses." - Bob Baker Fish Cyclic Defrost #11

undue noise : curator experimental music concert series. also performed solo on some evenings


commonwealth youth games : composed 6 one-minute soundscapes for opening ceremony. tom flood sports centre, bendigo 30 nov

cyborpyg : music for dance/video installation by megan beckwith. for her master's thesis. victorian college of the arts, august 4-6,; also at playhouse theatre, victorian arts centre, melbourne, october 31,. melbourne fringe festival, north melbourne town hall. september 2005 (six performances).

seven suitcases : "case study" (with robbie buckman, tamara marwood, matt byrne) - allan's walk contribution to this group exhibition of suitcases from artist run spaces. allan's walk artist run space, bendigo may 22-29,; also meeting place, 21-24 october, horsham (regional arts australia national conference)

the last retort : experimental film by paul fletcher built around my gas connection "cylinder" soundscape. first screened at shepparton production of the gas connection in march

public fourcast : month-long fourcast residency at dudley house, bendigo ending with. 6 performances, february.

undue noise : curator experimental music concert series. also performed solo on some evenings


the gas connection : directed by jude anderson, soundscape and "cylinder" installation by jacques soddell. gasworks theatre, port melbourne, 16 performances (march 2003), bendigo gasworks, 4 performances (april 2003), shepparton festival, 4 performances, furphy's foundry (march 2004)

prepared performances : cdr of material from live performances in 2003 and conjectural module#3 installation (nov 2002)

nosferatu : soundtrack to murnau silent classic. with kurt weibgen and justin bull. bendigo film society, bendigo library theatrette, june 12

undue noise : curator experimental music concert series. also performed solo on and in JSDL and brakhage


conjectural module #3 (regional module) : the first fourcast residency was at tower studio, queens college, university of melbourne. nov 6-29, 2002. public performance thursday 28th nov 2002.

dearth : choreography by megan beckwith, music: 8 1/2 by jacques soddell, music of the mycelium by fran and jacques soddell. melbourne fringe festival opening, north melbourne town hall (alleyway) 2002

music of the mycelium : jacques and fran soddell. generating music from l-systems models of fungal growth. music and data cdr released april 2002.

brakhage : live performance with justin bull at dance on a dead orchard, harcourt, april 27 2002

marks : by tomasz talaj, sounds by jacques soddell .installation at allan's walk artist run space, bendigo march 2-28 2002. mini cdr released march 2002

undue noise : curator experimental music concert series. also performed solo on 2 occasions


golden square : performance/installation conceived and directed by jude anderson, soundscapes by jacques soddell, national trust building, view st, bendigo, 2-3 nov 2001 (5 performances, part of heart of gold fiesta festival, bendigo). mini cdr released march 2002

brakhage : live performances (jacques soddell & justin bull as brakhage) at pink palace warehouse (northcote), ruckers (northcote) and 3ccc-fm (bendigo) live to air

films by stan brakhage : prepared improvisations with justin bull to silent experimental films by stan brakhage. bendigo film society, April 19 2001 review

music from microbes : installation (with fran soddell) march 2 3- april 1, 2001 castlemaine fringe festival


autonomousAudio : web based sound installation with fran soddell, at artspace in sydney (october 2000) still on web. story on abc science website couple make music with fungus (10 nov, 2000)

incompatible musics : ive performance at salon pretentious, maiden gully (november 2000)

art of listening : first live performance at sound exhibition at allan's walk artist run space, bendigo (30 june- 1 july 2000)

neon fog : jacques soddell cdr released mid-2000 "lovely microscopic, organic electronics (no surprise that jacques is a microbiologist). reminds me a bit of Dorobo's more ambient music." Shannon O'Neill, Furthermore, 2MBS (Sydney). track on soundcloud


may 1999 : cdr of recent soundworks by jacques soddell cdr released may 1999, track on soundcloud

loopism : now and then jacques soddell cdr released december 1998 includes new pieces and remixed older work from the mid-1980s, track on soundcloud

New Histories